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At Ustudy Spanish we know that every person has it inside them to learn a new language. Our mission is to spark the light and make each of our students shine communicating in Spanish language. We want to show them that it is fun to learn a new language, and that it is life-enriching being able to connect with a person in their native language.


We want to be the Language School of preference for international Spanish language learners worldwide by providing them with:

  • An innovative and dynamic learning methodology

  • Professional teachers who are passionate about sharing their language and culture with the students

  • Fun and engaging learning material, as well as authentic experiences

  • An environment that is friendly, supportive and adaptive to our student needs

Learning a language is so much more than grammar and vocabulary. It's about connecting minds and hearts and sharing a laughter. Especially in a foreign country it's also about jumping over your own shadow and outgrowing your fears.

Ustudy Spanish is not a typical language school, since we offer you as our student live and learn experiences that you will always remember. How do we do that? By giving you lots of opportunities to immerse yourself into the Mexican life.

You find our school in downtown Cancún in a small "plaza", which refers to a commercial center, where we have a yoga studio, a café and small restaurants as our neighbors. Also, across the street, you can walk to Parque Kabah, which is the green heart of Cancún.

Since we believe that life takes place outside the classroom, you also find us teaching where life happens: On the beach, at the swimming pool or inside the hostel where you are accommodated. Wherever we do our lessons, be sure to find: the necessary material, free wifi, fresh drinking water, and of course: good company and lots of fun!

All our language coaches are native speakers, who are happy to get you where you at to go your learning journey with you, and they love to show you their culture.

We believe that our philosophy and setup make Ustudy Spanish a great choice to not only learn but experience the Spanish language as it is lived in Mexico.

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